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JiangSu Polycarbonate Film Technical Research & Engineering Center was established in December, 2012 on the basis of the former Suzhou OMAY polycarbonate film technical research and engineering center. This center relys and utilises on the scientific research, teaching conditions and technology force from OMAY’s research and engineering department together with the School of Chemistry and Materials Engineering of Jiangnan University. The center extensively united related higher educations and research institutes, formed under modern enterprise system. The center is responsible for setting OMAY’s technical innovation and development strategy, carry out OMAY’s new PC films research and development, implement and digest new technologies and technics from others

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  Curently the company’s research and engineering center implements director's responsibility system. A technical center director and a deputy director are appointed, responsible for daily activities of the technical center. The technical center is structured as below:
  Up until January 2012, the engineering center has formed a research and development team of 13 people, that consists of a doctor, 5 masters and 7 bachelors. All 13 of them are engineers and 2 of them are senior engineers. Also we have externally recruited 9 specialists. The center has a 2000 m2 research base that comprised of a forming laboratory and a testing laboratory. Forming laboratory is equiped with machinaries such as single screw three roll calender machine and twin screw extruder granulation line; Testing laboratory is equiped with advanced equipments such as scanning electron microscope, melt flow rate testing instrument, combustion tester and haze opacity tester.

  The project R&D division is responsible for new products’ development, and has undertaken the development of projects such as polycarbonate optical panel for flat panel display, polycarbonate sheet for LED lighting, polycarbonate sheet for dining tray on high-speed railway and commercial aircraft. The project declaration division is resposible for the application of patents for the company.

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