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Suzhou OMAY company successfully mass-produced multilayer optical crystal plates and crystal gray sheet


Suzhou Ogilvy & Mather successfully mass-produced multilayer optical crystal plates

——Used for various medium and large size display covers/panels


As China has become the world's largest manufacturing center for tablet computers, TVs, car displays, touch all-in-ones, and electronic whiteboards, the local demand for plastic covers is also increasing. With the upgrading of touch screen technology, the display resolution has also entered the high-definition era. As an indispensable protective cover in the display and touch industry, it has also entered a rapid technological upgrade stage. At present, most of the glass cover technology is represented by glass. , Become the mainstream protective cover product on the market. However, the light weight and the high cost of the glass cover are shortcomings, and the traditional plastic cover also has poor scratch resistance.


       Compared with glass cover, plastic cover has cutting, CNC processing, hard-coating, silk screen, AG (anti-glare), AR (anti-radiation) and AF (anti-fingerprint) production processesAdvantages of convenient processing and low cost.

       Compared with traditional plastic cover plates, Ogilvy Multilayer Crystal Plates have high surface hardness (up to 9H after hardening), good flatness, easy secondary molding, low rainbow lines, good UV resistance and yellowing resistance, and low phase Poor characteristics.

       In order to meet the demand for integrated black display panels for automobiles, Suzhou Ogilvy also developed multi-layer crystal gray panels, which were compared with the smoky gray multi-layer composite panels of overseas manufacturers. So far, the Ogilvy Multilayer Plastic Composites family has formed a complete system:

  Picture 5.jpgPC/PMMA composite board is mainly used for the back cover of mobile phone

  Polyopt® PC/PMMA composite film is mainly used for automotive interior IML

  polyopt® multilayer optical crystal plate (transparent) is mainly used for various medium and large size cover plates/panels

  Polyopt® crystal gray sheet is mainly used for the integrated black design cover of automobile instrument display



       Suzhou OMAY company has formulated more precise control plans and work instructions based on the characteristics of automotive plastic cover products and the specific needs of quality control. At the same time, it has increased the application of error-proofing technology in production to avoid the occurrence of substandard products. , Consciously practice lean manufacturing ideas. "It has also obtained the IATF 16949:2016 certification, the global automotive industry quality management standard, and has implemented the relevant requirements of the process audit (VDA6.3).

The perfect hardware foundation allows Suzhou Ogilvy & Mather's product production and quality inspection methods to reach the world's first-class level; and a sound management system allows Suzhou Ogilvy's execution efficiency to be fully guaranteed.

Benefiting from the foundry of global consumer electronics products, Chinese manufacturers are in an absolute leading position in the plastic cover processing industry, and most of the global plastic cover processing capacity is concentrated in China.

      Suzhou OMAY company can currently achieve an annual production capacity of 6 million square meters of medium and large size plastic cover substrates (green boards) (take 2.0mm as an example). It plans to invest in new functional production lines (cutting/CNC/hot bending) in the new plant. /HC/AG/AF/AR), to build a medium and large-size professional touch plastic cover surface functional production base with an annual production capacity that can match the substrate material. The business covers 2D, 2.5D, and 3D plastic cover products. "

At present, the product has been mass-produced and rolled off the production line, and the project has begun to be tested with first-line brand manufacturers.

Medium and large size plastic covers have broad application prospects in consumer electronics, automotive electronics and medical equipment, but they are also more stringent in product design and quality requirements.

      " Suzhou OMAY company has been committed to the development, promotion and sales of various plastic films. A large part of the market is derived from the demand for plastic covers in the automotive electronics industry. With the amount of information carried by modern automotive display and touch products More and more large and more integrated functions, so the resolution of the display and the reliability requirements of the touch screen have been greatly improved. The multi-layer crystal plate developed by Suzhou OMAY company improves the traditional plastic cover. The lack of clarity, aging deformation and discoloration at high temperatures basically meet the needs of modern automotive electronics active intervention technology. The new plastic cover production technology uses surface hardening, AG (anti-glare), AR (anti-reflection) and AF (Anti-fingerprint) and other production processes, product indicators can meet the level of automotive electronics regulations.

In order to strengthen cooperation with customers and realize the strategy of close matching of product lines and customers, Suzhou Ogilvy welcomes new and old customers to discuss consulting product cooperation and more capital cooperation!

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