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A new starting point,start again! Suzhou Omay Optical Materials Co.,Ltd moved to a new address!


2310 a new starting point,let us move forward together!

Thank you for your attention and support,Suzhou Omay Optical Materials Co.,Ltd established in 2003,it is a national high-tech enterprise located in Suzhou high-tech District dedicated to the research and development,manufacturing,sales and service of PC,PMMA and PO series films,muti-layer high-functional films and sheets. Due to the scale expansion and development needs,starting from October 12, 2023,we will move to NO.1000 Xiangjiang Road,Suzhou huqiu District on the basis of retaining the original Huashan Road Factory(now Omay technology R&D center).We will further provide you with better products and related services,and work with you to develop together.

overall view of new factory


New address:NO.1000,Xiangjiang Road,high-tech District,Suzhou.

Sail NO.1000 conference


The company held the Sail NO.1000 conferenceon October 12, 2023.The director of each department delivered concluding speech on the business,analyzed and deployed the future sprint goals.Then the heads of each departments stated their future work priorities,and issued a personal goal pledge.

Last but not least,Mr. Ren Yuezhang, the chairman of the board,delivered a speech at the Sail NO.1000 conference, reviewing Omay's 20 years of struggle and development.Through continuous research&development and innovation,we have successively achieved breakthroughs and mass production of various new materials and launched them into international markets in many fields.The good operation of postdoctoral workstation and the joining of Dr.Cao have provided assistance to the companys development in all aspects.We believe that under the leadership of Golden Triangle headed by Vice President Du,the company's prospects will be even brighter.

Today,in terms of hardware facilities,Omay has completed the second phase of the factory building,office building and warehouse project at NO.1000 Xiangjiang Road.

The chairman emphasized that while the company continues to grow and develop,it should not forget its responsibilities and sharing.In the days to come,we will work with everyone to improve the benefits and share results.

Subsequently,the chairman made the new arrangement for the company's future operations and development:

(1)The company will move from a single product market to a diversified operation of product+project+capital cooperation market;

(2)Opening up for foreign cooperation,internal and external cooperative development of production lines,and the coexistence of multiple production operations.

(3)Introducing strategic investment、new customers、new supply chains、collaboration of new technologies,and profit diversification operations through leasing part of surplus factory buildings.

Make Omay adapt to the trend of the times and achieve transformation.

2310 New starting point,start again!


The company is getting stronger and stronger,and the new venue continues to move forward.Congratulations on the company's relocation!

A new starting point,a new journey,a new atmosphere.What has changed is the address,what remains unchanged is the service,with a grateful heart,continue to forge ahead!

New address:NO.1000,Xiangjiang Road,high-tech District,Suzhou.

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